Monday, August 3, 2009

Easy Peezy Strawberry Cake

I was craving a cake with fresh strawberries so we picked up a bushel (box, container whatever!)over the weekend. I couldn't find a recipe that was what I wanted so I winged it. I am not a domestic goddess by any means, so this is the simplest and most direct way I could get what I was craving.

I used:

One box of yellow cake.

One box of strawberries, chopped and sliced.

Two packages of dream whip.

I followed the directions on the cake box for two 8 inch round cakes and baked them. I cooled them in the refrigerator while I chopped the strawberries. I chopped about 3/4ths of the strawberries and cut the rest into thin slices. I made sure there was no mushy bits, I hate those.

Then I whipped up the first package of dream whip and mixed in the chopped strawberries. Pulled the bottom layer of cake out of the fridge and put it on the cake stand. Spread the strawberry/dream whip mix on top. There was a bit left over that I saved for the kids to eat as a snack the next day. Whipped up the second package of dream whip and stuck it in the freezer for a little bit because it was melting too fast to spread (it was 86 in my kitchen last night). Then I put the top layer of cake on top of the strawberry/dream whip layer. Spread the plain dream whip over entire cake. Top with sliced strawberries. And voila! Easy Strawberry Cake that was DELICIOUS and so perfect for summer. Store in the fridge or the dream whip will melt. And considering my skills in the kitchen, me saying it was easy is a big deal!

If you try this by my recommendation, I'd love to hear how you like it. My family couldn't get enough.

Note: I learned today from a friend that a bushel is 9 gallons HAHA, no I didn't buy 9 gallons, just a little box like you get at the produce store.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

More crochet fun - Soldier Boy

I had so much fun making this little guy. My soldier boy is about 3 1/2 inches high. He is a first prototype, so I see many more variations in my future.

PS, for those that are not familiar with the Army uniform, that's a beret on his head, not a huge toupee. ;)