Monday, September 14, 2009

Some quick pics of our camping trip and what I've been up to.

Oh my goodness, its been too long since I posted. I apologize to my followers. I have had a big surge of custom orders and I'm getting ready for the Fort Lewis Holiday Bazaar coming up the beginning of November. Plus family just always takes priority for me. This weekend we went camping on the amazing Olympic Peninsula. We camped at Lake Quinault and hiked all around the rain forest there. Saw some lovely waterfalls and walked through what felt like landscape of the dinosaur age. I couldn't get enough of taking pictures and was wishing I had my DSLR that I'm supposed to be getting for Christmas. Christmas!!! That's so far away haha. We also swung through Forks and Port Angeles, which was fun and interesting being a fan of the Twilight books. Here's a couple of pictures of our trip.