Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Bremerhaven

Brand spankin' new in my shop! Yes, I finally got something new done. With custom orders completed (well they WERE) I was able to get a little creating time in. It was hard to list this one, I really wanted to keep it. But I have to remember I can make myself another one. The color is new to my shop too.

As with all my cotton hats, these can be done in just about any color you can think of. I can do a contrasting color for the band, or any color of buttons. I love to customize!

Also available in my 1000 Markets shop.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Custom Order - Espresso galore

This past week I've been working on a custom order for an Etsy customer. It was fun to do, especially since I love the colors. Plus I got to do a couple of things I hadn't done exactly like before.

First is a Slouchy Brimmed Cap in Espresso with a ecru and camel flower add-on.

Next is a teal Breezy Brimmed Beanie with an espresso flower add-on.

And last is a pair of Wristables, aka fingerless mittens. I hadn't introduced these in my shop yet, but she saw them in my blog post and wondered if I'd make a set to match her hats. So here they are. I would totally wear these, I may have to make a pair for myself.

I think they all turned out well and now I get to wait and see how the customer likes them...the most stressful part!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love Sucks

Ok, so I don't really believe love sucks, because I am happily married to the most awesomest manly man in the whole wide world. (yes, awesomest IS a word) But with the big V day coming up I didn't want to follow the crowd and make a lovey dovey blog post with even more lovey dovey features. So here's some Etsy stuff that is for those that are NOT feeling the love this Valentine's Day. For you, love cynics.

First is this helpful set of cards from Buttonhead. Yes, you get a SET, because if you're going to break up this way, you'll probably be doing a lot of it.

Next is a phrase button from GeekDetails. Her whole shop is full of fun, geeky stuff for grumpy and happy people alike. Check out the button: "Love is like a box of chocolates. It's sweet at first and then you want to puke."

And when you just wanna say it right out, and you want the world to see it, put it on a necklace by EssoBee.

Want to tell someone they are taking too long with the whole commitment thing? Here's a "subtle" way by CarolLeeDesigns. It says, "Love is patient, Love is kind....hurry up, Dumbass" and in a very pretty way I might add. Her shop is chuck full of cards like this, to say what you're thinking when you don't know how.

I hope you enjoyed these ways to not celebrate Valentines Day. Now if you'll excuse me, I suddenly have a newfound appreciation for my hubby.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Four Fun Etsy Finds

Just thought I'd share some of my favorite Etsy finds from my random browsing this week. While waiting for my toddler to decide to go to sleep at the end of the day, I can't crochet or make jewelry because she'd be tugging it out of my hands. So I do a lot of browsing.

The first fun find is this pair of handmade baby shoes by chicksandeggs. I have a special appreciation for them since I was born in Toronto. They are cute and look like impeccible quality to me. Can't beat the price either, only $14.99! I wish I had a baby that would still fit in them.

Next are these clever fabric post cards by Teris Treasure. She has a nice selection of them and they would be such a fun way to send a valentine by snail mail.

This tunic/dress made from an upcycled men's shirt from lillipopsdesigns really caught my eye. It is so clever and would look adorable on my daughter, and I will definitely be ordering something from her in the future. Maybe I'll send in one of hubby shirts like she suggests, how neat would that be!

This is my favorite Etsy shop right now, Worldofwhimm. Her children's dress up items are adorable and brilliant. She has everything from crowns to super hero masks. This mermaid tail is one of the most inventive things I've seen in a while. Not to mention CUTE!

I hope you enjoyed these items from my favorites list. I hope to do this often when I have nothing to write about haha. Maybe you even saw a shop here that you hadn't seen before. Happy Shopping!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Custom order - Green slouchy beanie

Here's a custom order I completed and shipped off today. I adore the color and wish I could get more of this yarn. It crochets up so super soft and has a lovely selection of colors. It's sold only at a store we don't have here in Washington. But I may get a friend to ship some to me if I can't live without it. :) This is the Slouchy Beanie from my shop. It can be worn three ways. The two you see here, and also like a beret, which I forgot to get a picture of. Crossing my fingers that the customer loves it! :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

His name was John

This is a more personal post than I usually write, but I needed it today.

Fifteen years ago this week my father passed away. Wow, seeing that in writing is crazy. Fifteen years!!! It seems like yesterday. Every year during this week I try to fight off the memories and sadness, and every year it gets the best of me. I tried today, ended up with a migraine. Thank goodness for a hubby that understands and will take the reigns with the kids whenever I need him to.

So I decided not to fight it. Instead I am going to celebrate him. I'm writing this blog post to remember him. To remember the things I remember about him. And maybe those of you who know me, but never knew him, will understand him better from my memories.

This is a drawing I did of him five years ago to help me cope with this week.

1. He was born in England, and even after living in America for most of his adult life, he still loved his tea and drank it at the same times every day.

2. My friends loved his British accent. They would call my house and hope he'd answer just to hear it.

3. He loved the most disgusting foods. Liver and onions, kidneys ugh. Now that I think about it....he did seem to love eating organs. Ewww. Thank goodness my mom would cook something else for me on those nights.

4. He loved video games. Many a days I'd come home from school to find him in my room playing my nintendo.

5. He wore boat shoes all the time. No socks, all year round.

6. He loved our dogs. Supposedly we only had them for me. But they were really HIS dogs.

7. He had artistic talent, but never did anything with it. Probably why he pushed me to do something with mine.

8. He had a look that would turn you to stone when he was mad. I was a very good kid because of that look.

9. But he would never have laid a hand on me. Gentle to the core.

10. He had a habit of leaving the last cookie in the box for two weeks, then when someone finally couldn't take it anymore and would eat it he'd be mad that it was gone.

11. He loved taking care of our pool in Arizona. He'd mutter about it but he was out there messing with it all day long. He also played with the sprinklers constantly.

12. He loved playing sports. He and I would go play basketball and racquetball all the time. He played football (soccer) as a youngster. He looked athletic even as he got older.

13. My brother looks so much like him. I wonder if he realizes just how much. My son looks a heckuva lot like him too.

14. He wore polo shirts a lot. Never t-shirts, they always had a collar.

15. He looked really nice in a tux.

16. He always made up these funny rhymes. One I remember so well. Peter Piper picked his nose and rolled it in a ball, he rolled it thick, he rolled it thin, and flicked it down the hall. His mother who was passing by, caught it neatly in the eye.

17. He would not have been happy with my choice to get married at 19. But he really would've adored my husband, I know it.
18. He was a terrible dancer. Like he was going to do the George Burns soft shoe, then just didn't. Never stopped him though.

19. He died at age 49 from a defect in his heart.

20. He was loved and is missed and will never be forgotten.
Of course I could never put all my memories of him in a list...but this was a start. :)

I love you, Dad.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Wristables? Maybe...maybe not

So, I need your opinion on something. I have been wanting to make fingerless mittens for a long time, but never quite got up the courage to try something so new for me. Last night I finally dove in and tried some. While I quite like them, they didn't turn out perfect, and they took me two nights to make. I'm sure it would be faster next time. Nothing is really WRONG with them except a few missteps that are easily corrected next time. They will still look the same, but the little imperfections I notice will be corrected. Anyway, what I need to figure out is, are these going to be worth introducing in my shop? I can make them in all sizes and colors. These particular ones are made of a really soft 100% cotton. I am going to wear this prototype pair and see if that material is going to hold up to normal wear. They are really comfortable and do keep my hands warm. I am thinking they are going to be perfect for using my camera. When I go outdoors to take pictures my hands get so cold, but I need my fingers to manipulate the buttons, so I am going to try these during the next product photoshoot, or just one taking pics of my kids, whichever happens first and see how I like it. Sorry for the night time flashy photos by the way. With two little ones it is quite an effort to get a photo shoot in during the day, so I try and save that effort for taking pictures of items I will actually be listing in my shop. Anyway! What do you think...yes? no? Try something different?