Friday, June 17, 2011

Beth Thompson Art

Hey all, I know I've been MIA. My wrist started giving me fits after the holiday rush, and it just isn't getting better. I'm not able to crochet, and hence not able to make new patterns or any inventory. I can't even do the special requests from my fabulous customers. I'm sorry, and I hope in the near future it'll get better and I can get back to using this beautiful yarn collection I look at every day.

In the meantime, lucky me, I have a left arm too! And with that left arm I am able to draw again. So I've been working on the art side of my business while the right arm heals. And with that has come lots of new prints, photographs, and my tee shop is back open and chock full of lots of fun things to wear and use. Find me at my new homes:

Make sure you click that like button on Facebook, I want to have a giveaway really soon! Thanks for your patience and good thoughts for my wrist to heal.