Friday, May 23, 2008

Is that seaglass real?

A few people have asked me where my seaglass comes from. My parents live in the US Virgin Islands and we visit there a few times a year. When I'm there I spend hours combing the beaches for seaglass. I enjoy wandering up and down the beach by myself, finding alcoves in the rocks where the waves crash in bringing debris from the ocean bottom with it. Amongst the broken shells, seaweed, and stones a flash of color will pop through, and if you can grab it before another wave crashes in, you have a beautiful piece of seaglass. It fascinates me that our carelessly discarded litter is turned into a lovely little gem by years of exposure to the churning ocean, the weather, and other natural elements. They come in all colors, shapes and sizes and no piece is ever exactly alike. Sometimes while hunting I pick up lovely smooth stones to keep as well. When I started making jewelry again it was a natural progression to encorporate my seaglass collection into it. So there you go, each piece of seaglass you see in my creations is handplucked, by me, from the beaches in the Caribbean.

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MayRae said...

So that's where it comes from! It's all amazingly elegant. Love the imagery of peace and finding that little bit of something to turn into a gem for someone else.