Monday, January 26, 2009

How in the world...

I love this new Google Analytics tool we use for our Etsy shops now. Not only does it give me lots of interesting, though mostly useless, information...I get to see what people typed into a search engine to find me. Some of them are pretty out there! Check out some of my favorites for TheYarnChick shop, keeping in mind I sell crocheted hats and accessories:

-victorian nude daguerreotypes
-chunky pearl bracelet
-dichroic pendant
-cupcake tights
-japanese fabric
-juice can lid art
-seraphenite metaphysical
-yui kokeshi

I don't know what half of these even mean....but I guess I'm happy they are finding me SOMEHOW!

3 comments: said...

Isn't that funny, the words they used to find us...
I had one..."Drop Ship ROcking Chairs??????" HEHEHHE

Have a great day!

Jane said...

I just happened to google my etsy store name today and came across your blog with "manoaroad" highlighted in it. Naturally, I checked out the cached version and saw your blog entry. Out of the 10 words you've listed, mine seems to be the only one that is an etsy/artfire shop? Weird. Maybe because we both have crochet goods on our sites? I have to read up more on GA because there has to be a logic to the chaos. Laters! :)

Jane @

Beth said...

Hi Jane, thanks for stopping by. Well that explains what one of them is, but still don't know how it ended up on GA. haha. I think they have fixed some of the weirdness now, I'm not getting the crazy ones as much now.