Friday, July 31, 2009

Having some crochet fun

I've had this little guy brewing in my head for months. Last night I really wanted to make something fun, so I decided to give him a go. (Yes, he's a boy, my son said so. "It's okay for jellyfish boys to be pink.")
I had originally thought he'd be two colors, but while watching TV at the same I forgot to change colors at the right time. haha. Oh well, he's cute this way too. I'll try a multi color one next time.
My son has named him "Jelly the Jellyfish" and has claimed him as his. What do you think?


nikid said...


Jelly the Jellyfish is VERY cute!!!
List them in your shop!! They would be great stocking stuffers!

LilacAve said...

Here's what I think:


My kids adore jellyfish BTW! And BTW, tell your son "Jelly the Jellyfish" is a fine name!

Anonymous said...

Yes, jellyfish can be pink. They are on SpongeBob. :) Very cute design!

Darcy said...

Love it! The girls would totally want one of those. :)

laura evans/photography said...

excessively & incredible cute!!

BadCat said...

That is adorable beth! Well so cute.