Thursday, July 17, 2008

Goings on.

I have posted a few new things in my shop that I'm excited about. My new earrings are going to break my heart to leave, they turned out so beautiful. But I can make myself more, I have to remember that. I seriously have to tell myself I can't keep everything I like.

Also made some new magnets that are really cute. The pictures just don't do them justice! I like them so much I'll be making another set for myself.

And I'm still adding new crochet items whenever I get the chance. I'm offering an add-on flower as well. And today...drum roll please...I sold my first hat! I did a happy dance with that. So that's what is going on. With my creative juices flowing and our lives about to get crazy busy with selling the house and moving to's hard to stay focused! I should be able to get a lot done during Mark's upcoming TDY trips. Crossing my fingers.

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MayRae said...

Love your style. There's such a cohesive look to everything you do. Those new magnets are too cute too!