Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Downer of the Military

Today is one of those days we military folk have to deal with from time to time. The day when a friend leaves us for a new duty station. This is one of the parts I don't like about being active duty military. You get to know someone, become good friends with them over the two to three years you are stationed together, then it's time for them to move on to somewhere new. And we'll do it too, in October we will be the ones leaving our friends here behind. Someday we hope to be lucky enough to be stationed together again, or maybe be able to visit....but when, after retirement? Eight years down the road for us. We'll be moving three more times and leaving a lot of friends during that time. The good thing is the times we live in. We have the internet, email, digital cameras, webcams, Myspace, blogs, and cell phones and so...no excuse not to keep in touch.

On top of it being a friend who is leaving ME, it's a friend of the entire family. She and her husband were a couple we spent a lot of weekends with, playing poker, watching sports, just hanging out. She babysat my kids and they love her. My son especially is very close to her and had a pretty bad day when we had to tell him she was moving far away. Heck, you can't blame him, he's five now and she has been a regular babysitter and friend to him since he was two. She threw me a baby shower when I was pregnant and she was there the day my daughter was born. She sat in the hospital room visiting me and holding my newborn daughter for hours. She is one of those people that is right there whenever you need them, and without hesitation or expectation of payback. I hope I was able to convey my thanks for that properly. I helped her for several days preparing her house to sell in time for her day to leave...a bittersweet duty when you want to slow them down and keep them around for just a few more days.

So to my friend, she knows who she is, I wish you the best at your new place of duty. I hope it can feel like a home for you. Be safe on your upcoming deployment, and you better keep in touch! The Thompson family will miss you.


terryann said...

you will be suprised to learn that I still have girl friends from 1974when we were living in Japan... my mom has a best friend from 1956 when I was born and she helped mom with the housework and taught mom how to sew... (they were one the phone yesterday plotting their next sewing machine purchase) these military friends are lifetime friends if you keep in touch...yep! My dad was in the Navy too!

Kate said...

Hey, happy wishes for your "friend". Let her know from us please. We were always sorry we could not get to know them better! Maybe we'll all three be stationed together again!

Miss you girl. Give Kyle a hug from both of us too.

MayRae said...

How bittersweet. But be thankful of the time spent together, and make sure to keep in touch. Hoping your friend enjoys her next adventure in life :)