Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love Sucks

Ok, so I don't really believe love sucks, because I am happily married to the most awesomest manly man in the whole wide world. (yes, awesomest IS a word) But with the big V day coming up I didn't want to follow the crowd and make a lovey dovey blog post with even more lovey dovey features. So here's some Etsy stuff that is for those that are NOT feeling the love this Valentine's Day. For you, love cynics.

First is this helpful set of cards from Buttonhead. Yes, you get a SET, because if you're going to break up this way, you'll probably be doing a lot of it.

Next is a phrase button from GeekDetails. Her whole shop is full of fun, geeky stuff for grumpy and happy people alike. Check out the button: "Love is like a box of chocolates. It's sweet at first and then you want to puke."

And when you just wanna say it right out, and you want the world to see it, put it on a necklace by EssoBee.

Want to tell someone they are taking too long with the whole commitment thing? Here's a "subtle" way by CarolLeeDesigns. It says, "Love is patient, Love is kind....hurry up, Dumbass" and in a very pretty way I might add. Her shop is chuck full of cards like this, to say what you're thinking when you don't know how.

I hope you enjoyed these ways to not celebrate Valentines Day. Now if you'll excuse me, I suddenly have a newfound appreciation for my hubby.


Robin@creations-anew.com said...


I too am married to the best guy ever...

Happy Valentines Day!

Teri's Treasures said...

Super cute collection! I enjoy looking at your picked items as much as treasuries! Thanks for sharing! :)

Geek Details said...

This was great! I loved the love items!