Tuesday, February 3, 2009

His name was John

This is a more personal post than I usually write, but I needed it today.

Fifteen years ago this week my father passed away. Wow, seeing that in writing is crazy. Fifteen years!!! It seems like yesterday. Every year during this week I try to fight off the memories and sadness, and every year it gets the best of me. I tried today, ended up with a migraine. Thank goodness for a hubby that understands and will take the reigns with the kids whenever I need him to.

So I decided not to fight it. Instead I am going to celebrate him. I'm writing this blog post to remember him. To remember the things I remember about him. And maybe those of you who know me, but never knew him, will understand him better from my memories.

This is a drawing I did of him five years ago to help me cope with this week.

1. He was born in England, and even after living in America for most of his adult life, he still loved his tea and drank it at the same times every day.

2. My friends loved his British accent. They would call my house and hope he'd answer just to hear it.

3. He loved the most disgusting foods. Liver and onions, kidneys ugh. Now that I think about it....he did seem to love eating organs. Ewww. Thank goodness my mom would cook something else for me on those nights.

4. He loved video games. Many a days I'd come home from school to find him in my room playing my nintendo.

5. He wore boat shoes all the time. No socks, all year round.

6. He loved our dogs. Supposedly we only had them for me. But they were really HIS dogs.

7. He had artistic talent, but never did anything with it. Probably why he pushed me to do something with mine.

8. He had a look that would turn you to stone when he was mad. I was a very good kid because of that look.

9. But he would never have laid a hand on me. Gentle to the core.

10. He had a habit of leaving the last cookie in the box for two weeks, then when someone finally couldn't take it anymore and would eat it he'd be mad that it was gone.

11. He loved taking care of our pool in Arizona. He'd mutter about it but he was out there messing with it all day long. He also played with the sprinklers constantly.

12. He loved playing sports. He and I would go play basketball and racquetball all the time. He played football (soccer) as a youngster. He looked athletic even as he got older.

13. My brother looks so much like him. I wonder if he realizes just how much. My son looks a heckuva lot like him too.

14. He wore polo shirts a lot. Never t-shirts, they always had a collar.

15. He looked really nice in a tux.

16. He always made up these funny rhymes. One I remember so well. Peter Piper picked his nose and rolled it in a ball, he rolled it thick, he rolled it thin, and flicked it down the hall. His mother who was passing by, caught it neatly in the eye.

17. He would not have been happy with my choice to get married at 19. But he really would've adored my husband, I know it.
18. He was a terrible dancer. Like he was going to do the George Burns soft shoe, then just didn't. Never stopped him though.

19. He died at age 49 from a defect in his heart.

20. He was loved and is missed and will never be forgotten.
Of course I could never put all my memories of him in a list...but this was a start. :)

I love you, Dad.


Liz said...

That was the sweetest thing I have ever read and it made me cry. Darn hormones. You dad sounds amazing...

Emily of Ella-Bear Bowtique said...

What an amazing tribute to your father. He looks like he was a very handsome man and I can see why he's so missed. He sounded fantastic.

cutesieclips said...

Awww, Beth that is so amazing. You have a wonderful father. Funny, he looks a little like my dad and does a lot of things that remind me of him (the rhyme especially!! lol) I hope this has helped you this week. Lots of hugs.

Robin@creations-anew.com said...

There is something about a "girl and her father"...
Wonderfully sweet post about the first man in your life. I cried too.
I'll be thinking of you this week

KristynsKreations said...

That is a great remembrance post. Put a tear to my eye. HUGS!

Kandyce P said...

What a sweet way to remember your dad! It sounds like he was incredible. I'm sorry for your loss, that is something that stays with you forever. *hugs*

Darcy said...

What an amazing, sweet post! I have tears running down my cheeks. Your dad was a great man. I always enjoyed being around him and I'm very thankful that I had a chance to meet him and know him. Hugs to you! Love ya girl!

Cams said...

Your post was wonderful. Remember him, rejoice in the goodness and mourn the loss. Thank goodness this life isn't the end. I honestly believe that and hope that you can have faith that you will see him again.
You'll be in my prayers this week.

Helen said...

What a lovely post. Made me think about doing one about my dad. He's been gone 10 years now and I miss him very much.

Your artwork is wonderful- what a great portrait of your father. I hope you have it displayed somewhere special. He looks very kind.

Bubba & Rye said...

I hoped the list helped. My husband lost his father, John, 7 years ago. We think of him often, and hope he is able to look down and see his grand children. Lovely post. He sounds like the kind of guy, that was great to be around.

Kelly Haley said...

Beth, I know I'm super late regarding your post...please forgive me...

I think this was a wonderful way to remember your dad. I hope posting this blog helped you thru the heartache that you feel every year. Celebrating his life is an amazing way to remember him. Shed tears because of the joys you had together.....

John was so blessed to have a daughter like you. I'm sure he is looking down on you and smiling ear to ear because of how you turned out. He would be so proud of the choices you've made....

I love you....I miss you terribly....I think of you and your family all the time.....You are in my heart always......

Love, Kelly