Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm a walking advertisement

Okay, DRIVING advertisement. I got some decals done for my vehicle to advertise my little business on Etsy. They turned out pretty good. Not too much but they stand out enough for drivers to read. Mark even put a little one on the back of his car. hee hee Now I feel like I'm advertising my biz whenever I go out, cool! Makes the gas money worth it? Not quite! But I hope it at least drums up a bit of traffic. Please excuse our dirty cars, ahem.

I got the decals made from


MayRae said...

Those look great! Simple and easy to read. Here's hoping they make traffic stop... well sort of :)

terryann said...

those are great! I have had mine for a while, and it still suprises me that people ask what is that?>>>> terryann?....thing....on the back of your car. ☺