Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kyle's new hat

The many faces of Kyle while sporting the new hat Mommy made for him. Can you guess which ones he calls his rocker face? He really likes the hat and says he looks like a skater. Now he wants more hats. Yikes, I've created a monster! (I did pick him up some camo yarn, but he doesn't know that yet. shhh) This is only my third hat, so I hope for them to get even better. I've picked up a few patterns to try and have another one for Ava about 1/3rd done. I'm loving it so far, let's just hope this next one fits her. If not I know lots of little girls to give them to. ;)

More pics, he was being a ham. That last one is for Daddy, his idea.


Emily of Ella-Bear Bowtique said...

What a cutie! The hat looks great.

MayRae said...

Those pics are great! And look at that! Only your 3rd hat? Like what, 5th project maybe? Wow! You're great at this crochet stuff! :)

terryann said...

too cute!